1 Examples for so-called  "mixed searching machines" are


 1.1Attention by searching for a cheap hotel:

  • Wifi? Paid or Free. My observation is that the more luxurious hotels, the more expensive internet.
  • Arrival / Departure Time.

For example, in Bangkok in Bayoke Sky, by making a reservation through  you can enjoy several "welcome drinks," in different bars, 15 minutes a massage on the legs, and free late check out until 6 p.m.

  •  Is there a 24-hours reception at the hotel? If not, what are you going to do, if you don't come back within it's working hours. Typically, there is at every hotel own separate instruction. 
  • Through you can book not only hotels, but also hostels, apartments, villas.
  • Always carry the hotel's contacts, GPS coordinates, phones.
  • Also, have the contacts of 1-2 spare hotels in case any problems appear. I did not have any problems with them, but everything can happen.
  • In Asia I always use  or  The choice of these hotels in Asia according to these resources, significantly domineer the assortment presented  at  booking com.
  • You can find the cheapest nights in the worst season.
  • In the nebrendovit cheap hotels in Asia, it is better to bargain and choose a room on place than to book it in advance three times more expensive.


You can reduce the price, if you see a lizard gecko in a cheap hotel in Cambodia or in another part of Asia and scream. Don't worry! Sweet lizards are our friends and they are almost everywhere.

Be sure to visit the hotel's official website, you can find there cheaper nights or check for some profitable offers and promotions.

In Sri Lanka, in Sigriya, we lived in an ordinary hotel for 30 euro, but I read in Lonely Planet that there are pools in two luxury hotels (for 150 euro), and these people, who aren’t  guests of the hotel, can go only for 2 euro and 2.5 euro. We spent the evening at the other hotel, drank at their restaurant (15-20% more expensive than in our hotel), we swam at the pool overlooking the mountains of Sigiriya. Advice: read Lonely Planet!


In some places there are many unexpensive religious shelters, for example, on the way to St. Jacob's pilgrimage in Spain, you can spend your nights there for only 5-10 euro per night. According to information from my bicycle friends, they spent two weeks in different shelters and had a very interesting route with their bicycles. You don't need to be a pilgrim. There is just so beautiful.

In the following lines I will introduce you in detail some of the most popular online searching machines for hotels at the moment. With their help, you can quickly and cheaply find places to spend your nights around the world.  You can also compare their prices, and read the opinions by real people, who have visited these places before you.