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Online Hotel Booking – Terms and Conditions


BOOKING.COM - Our favourite website for booking of hotels. It’s great for planning a trip. You can save places you've liked on lists, in order to find them later. True opinions by real guests. has the best offers and it is very easy and comfortable website. There are extra functions for planning of your trips. is the best site by comparison of hotel prices from all leading travel websites. is specialized in Southeast Asia. 
Start searching for your hotel as early as possible. If you have more time to do your researching, it is possible to find a better offer. When you book early, you don’t become just the most profitable offers. If you book earlier you will become the best rooms.
If you don’t have exact travel dates, compare please the different periods to find the best offers. Hotels can be overcrowded, if there is a big initiative or event. As a result ? The first weekend may be busy and expensive, and the next one? Cheap and free. 
Change weekends with weekdays. Hotels have different target groups of visitors, who have many different travel schedules during the week and in the weekends. Hotels, sought primarily by business travelers, can be very quiet (and with great discounts) in the weekends. Hotels, where mostly leisure travelers are staying, will be crowded in the weekend, but they will be cheaper during the week.
Save the cheapest room through a reservation website. After that call directly to the hotel, in order to warn them for your special requirements or ask, if there is a chance for something better? If the hotel is empty, you can often receive a better room at the same price or just a little more expensive.
There is a rule here, that works in almost all cases: for hotels with business customers in the previous week or for 10 days you will get the best offers. For hotels and resorts, which have mostly tourists for clients, it is better to book for 2 until 6 months in advance. 
Why? Business travelers are much more likely to confirm their plans in the last minute (or in the previous week). For example, for a month in advance, a business hotel at the financial district of London, may not have many reservations, but it is a little possible to release promotion rooms. " This hotel will expect a lot of inquiries during the current week or before the event. 
It's often not just, whether the price will be lower. If you book earlier, you will get the best rooms at the same price as the more uncomfortable rooms. For example, a huge family room at the same price or a little more than the price of a miniature double room.
And if hotels in resorts such as Santorini, Phuket or Bali have many free rooms during the previous month, they will start to worry about.


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