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Online Hotel Bookings - where and how to make our online reservation

Advices for booking a hotel online.
  • You always can desist from your reservation and book another hotel.
  • Confirm direktly with the hotel, when You make an online reservation through Print zourwebsites ( for example: BOOKING.COM ).
  • Print your e-mail address, which You have reiceved for the confirmed reservation.
  • Try to book a hotel according to the most profitable data.
  • Check more places before making of your reservation
  • Visit direktly the website of the hotel and see for special offers and services.
  • If You have too many requirements, don't forget to mention them, when You make your reservation. 
These are checked advices for a profitable hotel's booking online.
 Important!  Similar to airline tickets, hotel prices move up and down too. But in contrast to airline tickets, you can (usually) cancel a hotel reservation and save another hotel or you could even keep the same hotel, but through another website. So if you find a bargain offer, save it. At the same time, keep looking for an better offer.
Important!  Confirm directly with the hotel, that you have made an online reservation (for example: This is easy, and it's worth the effort. Sometimes, you could even become a better room than if you hadn't connect to the hotel. For example, you can send an e-mail similar to the following: "Hello, I just wanted to confirm my reservation in your hotel. We are a family with two small children and we really would like everything to be without problems. Greetings. At least, the staff will know, that you need a larger room. Perhaps, it will not change anything, but sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised.
Print the email, which you have received for the confirmed reservation, in order to show it on reception (or be ready to find it quickly on your phone). In nine of ten cases, it is not necessary to show it, but by this way you will be able to prove your reservation sometimes, if the hotel accidentally didn't receive it.
If you have the precise dates, in which you would like to keep a hotel, you are already at a disadvantage. Naturally, sometimes you have to travel on exactly fixed dates, but if you can do it by the opposite way. First, try to keep your hotel аccording to the most profitable dates.
Check several websites before booking: the hotel's website and at least two websites for online hotel reservations.
If you would like to stay in a specific hotel, but the places are completely occupied, check it out on a second or on a third website. Probably the rooms, that the hotel has reserved for sale through the first website, could be occupied, which doesn't mean, that the whole hotel is full.
If it is possible, check directly in the hotel for offers or special bonuses. This is becoming more and more inefficient, because the websites for online reservations are becoming more competitive, but why don't try. Especially, if your stay will be for a week or even more.
The biggest risk of keeping a hotel through an online reservation  website does not mean, that you can be deceived (all of the websites, which we mention here, are with impeccable reputation) and that it is possible to appear duplication of the reservations. It happens very seldom, but sometimes it can happen. If, after you have made an online reservation, contact directly with the hotel.  (This is the second time we mention it, because it is very important). This scenario becomes much less likely.
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