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Using of booking systems like BOOKING.COM

It depends on the hotel’s type.
Business hotels usually offer bigger discounts in the weekends. (When business customers are at home). Budget hotels will have empty rooms (and discounts) in the week, because the people, who stay in them, (weekend shopping, students are going to concerts) come on weekends and leave on Sunday night.
It's a little complicated here for the hotels. Yes, they would like to fill their capacity. Even, if the guest pays only the half of the usual price, then it is better than nothing. On the other site, the hotels don't want to become the practice, guests, who usually wait until the last minute, to get the best. Then, everyone would wait until the last minute and expect discounts.
The hotels offer these rooms on booking websites so that the discounts don't reflect  directly on the hotel's image. If a guest learns from another guest, that he has received a 50% discount through a reservation from, he will probably only shrug his shoulders and will try to remember the name of the website. But if the same guest learned, that his acquaintance had just received this discount through the hotel's website, he would be upset and disappointed with the unstable hotel's pricing policy.
Also, when someone makes a reservation through a third party, foreign travel products (travel insurance, airline tickets, rent a car) are often bought at the same time. They help to "blur" the real price of the hotel's room and it is more difficult to make a direct comparison by another guest.
What is included in the price and are there any additional charges?
When you compare different prices from different websites, check what is included in the given price. 
Are there additional fees and surplus charges? Additional charges may be any of the following:
  • Urban, resort or state fees
  • Reservation fees ( very often disguised as hotel charges) 
  • Resort fee 
  • Fee for swimming pool or spa 
  • Internet consumption fee 
  • Short-term overcharge or room cleaning 
  • Parking and more. 
Obviously, it is not easy to compare two prices, taking into account all these additional charges.
But the price of the room is the biggest item, so focus on it. 
If you are staying in a large resort, it is advisable to check in the hotel's official website for any additional charges (for example: using of spa).
The most websites have searching filters. By this way you can check, if they have, for example:
     1. Swimming pool (indoor and / or outdoor swimming pool)
     2. Spacentre
     3. Fitness centre
     4. Kitchen utensils
     5. Wi-fi (Wireless Internet)
     6. Parking
     7. Location (near to the airport)
     8. Transport to the airport.
     9. Rooms for disabled persons
 One last advice is to check, if the breakfast is also included. When you arrive at the hotel, you can even ask (with a tone of the voice, like a person, expecting breakfast to be included).
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