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Which are the advantages by using of Google Hotel Finder and Tripadvisor?

                                                           Google Hotel Finder

Soon it is starting the new hotel search tool, created by Google, namely "Hotel Finder." If you are a fan of Google Maps, as I am, you will surely become a fan of this searching machine too! Users enter here the most preferred criteria like location, dates, price, and rating, and Hotel Finder delivers its top recommendations on a list or on the Google map. 

The new and interesting thing about this search engine is, that Google provides you a list of the quarters and well-known areas of the destination, and interesting information and details about them. 



The advantage of the Tripadvisor Hotels' searching machine is, that it is full with fascinating opinions and comments from real people, who have already visited these places.

Bonuses and loyalty programs:

Another way to save an Euro: Become a client of the program for often flying passengers of your favorite air company. All programs have in their partner network famous hotels and network hotels. By this way you can accumulate points, not only while flying, but also during your stay in the hotels. On reservation websites there are bonus programs, for example, you can earn points on and after that expend them on the next reservation.  has a nice bonus. In 10 nights they give you one free night. In fact this is a 10% discount, if you use it constantly. 

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