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Why do so many people start using of and Trivago?

                                                                  TRIVAGO.DE   is the undisputed leader in searching for hotels around the world. More and more people start to have trust in Trivago, because of the functionality of the website and the safeness of the reservations, which it offers. I like its design and  approach to booking, so I'm going to use it a little bit more. is a company established 8 years ago and is currently the world's largest information search website for hotels. Every month, 20 million consumers have trust in Trivago in planning their trip. The site compares prices of more than 600,000 hotels to more than 140 booking sites, such as Expedia and Priceline. Their website offers more free help in finding the perfect hotel and booking it at the lowest possible price by comparing prices from over 100 booking websites. Site navigation and search filters are very easy for using, even for people who have no experience with electronic searching machines. The results’s map gives you a clear idea about that, where the hotels are located. This function suggests you great advantages to your initial orientation in unknown cities and saves you the risk to book a cheap hotel in a quarter, away from the centre and the city's main attractions.  Trivago also offers an extremely useful mobile application for Android, Iphone and Ipad.
                                                                                                                                BOOKING.COM  is one of the most popular searching machines and world leader in hotel reservations. The site's design is functional and easy to use.
 How to book a hotel on this website?
  • Find the required room.
  • Enter all necessary personal data.
  • Enter your credit card number: Here are two options. If you are 100% sure, that you will be staying at this hotel, now is the high season and you book day to day, you can enter your actual card number. If you make a reservation for the Embassy, book an ordinary room with a return and enter an old expired card. 
  • Regardless of the previous step, you receive  confirmation of the reservation. 
 Here are the further possible options: 
1. If you choose a room without a return, within 1-2 days, the system will turn to your card with an attempt to block the amount you need. If the attempt is unsuccessful, you will receive a message: "You have indicated an incorrect card number, repeat the attempt or within 24 hours your reservation will be canceled. "
2. The system will just try to authorize your card, try to block the first day's amount. This is fair in the case of a "return" rate. It happens rarely (I think).
3. Nothing is happening. But your reservation is still in your system and you can always check this out.
 Sincerely and personally: I would like to tell you that I very rarely use my actual booking card on 
Cancellation Policy !!!
Be sure to read these rules carefully! If you have changed your plans or made a reservation for an expensive or cheap hotel, which you will not need in future, you have to cancel it in order not to fall into the system block. The cancellation always is free before more than 1 day, but sometimes it takes 5-10 days, especially during the season.
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